About MKmetric (MKm)  
Short history      

MKmetric was founded in 1993 by Dr. Benedikt Mandel who directs the firm's specialist staff in transport planning and modelling. The firm is linked to several universities to ensure a high standard and quality in research. MKmetric is an independent organisation specialised in research, consultancy and software development in the field of traffic, transport, infrastructure and simulation. The activities cover a broad field encompassing all the economic and social aspects of passenger transport for all modes of transport.
The company has developed an integrated scientific environment to forecast and simulate passenger transport demand. The system consists of procedures for trip generation-distribution, modal choice and assignment. This multi-modal approach allows to estimate the intermodal impact and intramodal effects of infrastructure and service modifications or transport policies. All models are based on data of maximal variety (i.e. home surveys, passenger interviews, county level (NUTS 3) data). MKmetric publishes its methods and approaches for scientific transparency.
In the field of consultancy MKmetric has experience in modelling, forecasting and evaluation of international passenger flows, including simulation, scenario building, economic impact analysis, socio-economic research, market research and mobility studies.
MKmetric has experience in co-ordinating multinational projects and multitask workpackages with up to a number of 25 independent partners. Furthermore MKmetric trains clients on the use of model and software applications.
Software development  
Program development and applications are carried out on a network of work-stations and personal computers which are essential for advanced large scale transport modelling projects. MKmetric has developed tailor made software applications and implemented these simulation tools on workstation as well as on desk top platforms for both national and international clients.
Clients include the Commission of the European Communities, the German Government and federal Ministries, regional authorities and administrations, international branch organisations and the private sector.
MKmetric employees are University graduates and fully qualified in econometrics, transportation research, software development and operations research. Further special skills in transport economy, traffic/transport engineering, physics, information technology and cartography are available in the team.