APRON Aviation Policy information Resources based on Observatory Networks.
The result was selected to be showcased as an offer at CORDIS: Europe's airport observatory network.
Final Technical Report
ASSEMBLING Internet service provides executive information to support European transport policy makers and experts
BRIDGES Building bridges between digital transport databases, GIS applications and transport models to develop ETIS Software structure
COMPASS Optimised co-modal passenger transport for reducing carbon emissions
ETIS European Transport policy Information System
ETIS-Agent Interface element of ETIS and its associated tools
ETIS-Base Core-database of the ETIS
EUROPLANE European Union Region's Operational Project Leading to Air Transport Networking and Information Exchange
FORECAST 2020 European Transport Forecast 2020.
Integrated Ticketing Study for the European Parliament on integrated ticketing for EU passenger transport.
ORIGAMI Optimal Regulation and Infrastructure for Ground, Air and Maritime Interfaces
SBGA South Baltic Global Access
SEABIRD Sustainable and Efficient Air Transport in the Baltic Sea Region.
SEAPLANE Sustainable and Efficient Air Transport-Platform for Linked Analysis of the North Sea Air Transport Environment
SPOTLIGHTS Keys to bring advanced transport models to light
STEMM Strategic European Multimodal Modelling
TEN-PHARE Traffic Forecast on the Ten Pan-European Transport Corridors of Helsinki.
TransScenario Series of long-term quantitative outlooks for developments in the transport systems of all Member States of the EU.
WORLDNET The project aims at the generation of worldwide cargo flows and the display of the equivalent networks.