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spacer Contemporary Airport Demand Forecasting: Choice Models and Air Transport Forecasting Benedikt MANDEL, MKmetric GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany Discussion Paper No 2014-07 April 2014 (PDF document)
spacer Risk Analysis for short-term Cargo Collapses at European Airports Aaron Scholz, Benedikt Mandel, Axel Schaffer, 2010
spacer Generalised Transportation-data Format (GTF): Data, Model and Machine Interaction Mandel B., Nielsen O.A., Ruffert E.; Karlsruhe (Germany)/Copenhagen (Denmark) 06/2001
spacer An "Open Sky" Scenario for Hamburg Airport and Germany Journal of Air Transport Management; Volume 7 Number 1 pp. 9-24; Editor: Kenneth Button; Special Issue: Proceedings of the 3rd Hamburg Aviation Conference, Germany 02/2000; 01/2001
spacer Steps towards the infrastructure of ETIS (European Transport Information System) from a user's point of view - The way towards an operational ETIS using synergies between 4th FP outcomes Mesudemo Workshop 2; Mandel B., Ruffert E.; Rotterdam; The Netherlands, 06/1999
spacer Airport Choice & Competition - a Strategic Approach Mandel B.; 3rd Air Transport Research Group (ATRG) Conference; Hong Kong; 06/1999
spacer Measuring Competition in Air Transport; Airports and Air Traffic - Regulation, Privatisation and Competition Hamburg, Germany, HWWA; 02/1998; editors Pfähler W., Niemeier H.-M. and Mayer O.G., pp 71-92; Peter Lang Press; Mandel B.; 1999
spacer The Interdependency of Airport Choice and Travel Demand; Taking stock of air liberalisation - edited by Gaudry and Mayes Proceedings of the International Symposium at the ICAO, 04/1997; Kluwer Academic Press; Mandel B.; 1999
spacer Needs for Modelling Purposes; Mandel B., Rothengatter W.; Towards a Pan-European Long Distance Mobility Survey for the year 2000 Concerted Action Committee on Information Systems; Commission of the European Communities; 10/1998
spacer Methodological Developments within the Quasi-Direct Format Demand Structure: the Multicountry Application for Passengers MAP-1; Strategic European Multi-Modal Modelling Gaudry M., Heinitz F., Last J., Mandel B.; Working Paper BETA n°9815; 09/1998
spacer A Disaggregate Box-Cox Logit Mode Choice Model for Intercity Passenger Travel in Germany and its Implications for High Speed Rail Demand Forecasts The Annals of Regional Science (1997) 31, p. 99-120, Springer Verlag; Mandel B., Gaudry M., Rothengatter W.; 1997
spacer A Disaggregate Box-Cox Logit Mode Choice Model for Intercity Passenger Traffic in Germany, The econometrics of major infrastructures edited by Quinet and Vickerman; Applied Econometrics Association; MacMillan Press Ltd.; Mandel B., Gaudry M., Rothengatter W.; 1997
spacer Bedarfsmodellierung im Telekommunikationsbereich aus verkehrswissenschaftlicher Sicht (Demand modelling in telecommunication out of transport science point of view) on behalf of Deutsche Telekom AG; Gaudry M., Mandel B., Last J.; 06/1995
spacer Entwicklung eines gekoppelten Verkehrserzeugungs- und verteilungsmodells für den Personenfernverkehr (Development of a linked trip generation and distribution model for long distance passenger traffic) on behalf of the German Ministry of Transport FENr.: 60307/92; Université de Montréal Centre du recherche sur les transports (C.R.T.), MKmetric GmbH, University of Karlsruhe (TH) Institute of Economic Policy and Research (IWW); Gaudry M., Mandel B., Rothengatter W.,1992-1994 (a summary is available here)
spacer Introducing Spatial Competition through an Autoregressive Contiguous Distributed (AR-C-D) Process in Intercity Generation-Distribution Models within a Quasi-Direct Format (QDF) Université de Montréal C.R.T., MKmetric GmbH Karlsruhe, Universität Karlsruhe (TH) Institute of Economic Policy and Research (IWW); Gaudry M., Mandel B., Rothengatter W.; CRT-971, 12/1994
spacer Linear or Non-linear Utility Functions in Logit Models? The Impact on German High Speed Rail Demand Forecasts; Transportation Research Journal Vol. 28B; Elsevier Science Ltd; Mandel B., Gaudry M., Rothengatter W.; 1994 / The Impact on German High Speed Rail Demand Forecasts; also published in Classics in Transport Analysis Volume "Railways"; Series Editors Button K. & Nijkamp P.; Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd; Mandel B., Gaudry M., Rothengatter W.; 2001 / The Impact on German High-Speed Demand Forecasts; article published in "Classics in Transport Analysis ? Railway"; Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd; Surrey/UK; 08/2002
spacer Effekte ordnungs- und preispolitischer Maßnahmen auf den Verkehr in Ballungsräumen (Effects of political and pricing activities on traffic in metropolitan areas); VDI - Bericht Nr.: 1138, Verkehrskonzepte für Ballungsräume; Koblo R., Mandel B.; 1994
spacer Schnellverkehr und Modal Split (High Speed Transport and Modal Split) Baden Baden: Nomos Verlag; Mandel B.; 12/1992
spacer Efficient main routes of the German rail Stuttgart - Nürnberg - Bayreuth - Hof - Dresden; Strategy paper for the future of transport for the integration in the prior evidence of the German Transport Master Plan 1995; on behalf of the Industrie- and Handelskammer Upperfranconia-Bayreuth and the government of Upperfranconia; University of Bamberg and University of Bayreuth; Blum U., Mandel B., Maier J., Birk F., Grimmur Chr., Michalla Th.; 01/1992